Questions: Music

Questions: Music


Before taking shahadah, I studied music (since the age of nine, and I am now twenty-five). I was a music theory and music industry (business) major. I have read Hadeeth in Sahih Bukhari in the "Id" book that dealt with music. It seems as though the Prophet (PBUH) allowed it,

There is some discussion of this in our article in the last Hudaa. This is a very specific case that cannot override the prohibition.

yet many times Muslims tell me it is strictly forbidden. In one Hadeeth, the Prophet (PBUH) even allowed Aisha to watch Africans dance to music.

They were playing with their spears. I do not think that any authentic reports mention music.

I haven't found anything in the Qur'an forbidding music. What are the different rulings on music by the four Imams? You help is greatly appreciated. Jazak Allahu Khair.

There is an authentic hadith in al-Bukhari, and several authentic reports by the Sahabah. The 4 imams prohibit it. There is a book by Bilal al-Kanadi on this, which you might be able to find in our bookstore or others.

2) Are we allowed to sell 'balls' that make a ringing sound when picked up(they are 'stress balls',ie a pair of balls that you hold in one hand and alternately move one over the other in a cycle).

They do not sound as being musical instruments or bells. Thus they are permissible.

3) Sometimes I would ask a ride from a freind and then all of a sudden he would put on music. Should I, for that reason, take a bus instead or walk in the rain? I told him that I think music is haram before but he doesn't care. What should I do?

Take another means of transportation

4) 1) In a wedding, is it permissable for girls to dance with sticks in a circle (they hit the sticks together and all the girls walk in a circle doing a kind of routine they prepared). I wanted to know if this is in the sunnah. If it is not in the sunnah than can you tell me if they can do it.?

This has no basis in the Sunnah. However, if the dancing is done with grace, and among the womens without men watching them, and if it is not done in imitation of the Kuffaar, then it is permissible.

2) I have been told that in pakistani weddings the bride's family pays for the nikkah reception and the groom's side pays for the walima reception. Is this in the sunnah?.

No. These "receptions" have no basis in Islam. They are shows of extravegance that help in nothing but to financially overburden the two families.

3)Is it permissable to spend a lot of money on a wedding,if the family have already seen to their islamic obligations (zakat etc.) or should the wedding be very simple?

Yes, the simpler the marriage, the more blessed it is, as the Prophet SAWS stated.

4)Is the minimum length of a muslim girl's hair up to her shoulders or can she have it any shorter. I thought it could only be minimum up to the shoulders because the prophet (peace be upon him) had hair to his shoulders sometimes, and women should not imitate men?

There is no clear-cut instruction in the Sunnah concerning this. Imitating men could be in length or shape. If this is avoided, then any length would be permissible, even if a little shorter than shoulder length.

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5) What is the ruling regarding having to do demonstations of Music in Music Systems, to sell the system?

Since music is prohibited, selling systems or instruments to play it or listen to it is prohibited as well.

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6) I'm a newly convertee to Islam. As far as music goes, is okay to listen to jazz without voice's included? I've disassociated myself with listening to anyother(hip-hop, club, etc.) music other then jazz. So, would that be okay? Thank you for your help.

The answer is no. Check our page for a more detailed answer. Try to substitute this by listening to Qur'an, and see the great difference this makes in your life!