Stemming the Tide of Ignorance


Stemming the Tide of Ignorance

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The major problem that plagues the Muslims is that they have turned away from their Deen (Way of Life-Islaam). This problem arises because there is an almost total ignorance of Islaam amongst them. This state assists the 'Kufaar' to oppress them in any way they please as as predicted by the Messenger of Allah : The other nations will rally against you from all directions just as people over a large bowl (with food)....
(Ahmad and Abu Dawood ).

The other problem is that the Muslims live with the reality that the kufaar news media of T.V. radios, magazines and newspapers are all subtly working to destroy Islaam. This not only corrupts the already corrupt 'kufaar' but it also helps to undermine the Muslims' concepts of their Deen and assist in developing in them biases towards their religion. What helps to increase the problem is that there is nothing in the Muslim community which helps to counteract these negative trends.

The Result: The production of this newspaper which we hope will assist in lessening the gap that is already existing in the Muslims' mind.

Of course this humble effort will not be able to stem the tide of ignorance and biasness that exist but it is a start in that direction.

Therefore the main focus of this publication are:

  1. Provide authentic Islaamic Knowledge from the Ouraan and the authentic Sunnah.
  2. Provide news from Islaamic Sources.

Another feature of this publication although it is not the main thrust is to allow an opportunity for Muslims to support other Muslims financially and otherwise. For this reason we include advertisements of businesses that provide totally Halaal services and encourage all Muslims to support them fully.

May Allah bless us in this venture.