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New Islamic Center in Toronto Canada

Quran & Sunnah Society of Canada (QSSC)
1865B Lawrence Ave. E.
Scarborough, Ont., M1R 2Y3

Phone: 416-751-9921                 E-Mail:

Class Schedule:

Friday -

How do we Understand the Quraan (Kaifa Nafham al Quraan) - Shaikh Jameel Zeeno

Saturday -

Explanation of 40 Hadeeth an-Nawawee (Sharh Arba'een an Nawawee) - author of the Sharh yet to be decided

Sunday -
The Salaat and the Ruling on the one who Abandones it (As Salaat Hukmu Taarikuha)  - Shaikhul Islaam Ibnul Qayyim

*** All classes will be held from after Magrib to Isha. Brother Abdul Munem Burkhes will be giving the classes.

Directions to the Centre:

for those of you who haven't been to the centre yet, it is located at 1865B Lawrence ave. east. on Lawrence ave, just east of Pharmacy rd. the entrance is under the big pink sign that says محمصة سمارة Samarah Roasted Nuts. you can't miss it, bi idhnillah. Phone # to the centre is 416-751-9921.


Getting there by TTC Transit:

Victoria Park Subway Station:  take the 67 Pharmacy bus (not the 67a) north to Lawrence ave. the bus runs till 7:00pm. you can also take the 24 Victoria park north bus to Lawrence and walk over to Pharmacy.

Eglinton Subway Station: take the 54 Lawrence east bus (or 54a) Eastbound to pharmacy. get off one stop after pharmacy.

Lawrence East RT Station: take the 54 Lawrence east bus (or 54a) Westbound to pharmacy.

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