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Sifat Wudoo'-in-Nabee (SAW) Table of Contents

A Description of How the Prophet (SAW) Made Wudoo'
By Fahd ibn 'Abdir Rahman ash-Shuwaib and Translated by Dawood Burbank al-Britanee.
  1. Introduction
    1. Preface
    2. The Definition of Wudoo
  2. The Prescription of Wudoo in The Kitaab And Sunnah:
  3. The Excellence of Wudoo
  4. The Components of Wudoo
    1. An Niyyah (Intention)
    2. At-Tasmiyyah (Mentioning Allaah's Name)
    3. Washing the Hands
    4. Al-Madmadah and Al-Istinshaaq
    5. Washing the Mouth and Nose Together with One Handful (of Water)
    6. Washing the Mouth
    7. Washing the Nose and Expelling the Water
    8. Taking Water into the Nose with the Right Hand and Expelling it with the Left
    9. Washing the Face
    10. Running Water Through the Beard with the Fingers
    11. Washing the Arms Including the Elbows
    12. Wiping the Head and Ears and 'Imaamah
    13. Taking Fresh Water for the Head and Ears
    14. The Way of Wiping
    15. Wiping Over the 'Imaamah (Turban) Only
    16. Wiping Over the Turban and Forelock
    17. Washing the Feet and Ankles
    18. The Reply to Those who Follow Wiping of the Feet Without Washing
  5. Other Aspects of Wudoo
    1. The Siwaak
    2. Ad-Dalk (Rubbing the Water over the Body Parts):
    3. Performing the Wudoo in the Order Mentioned in the Ayaah
    4. Al-Mawaalaat (Washing Each Part Directly After the Previous one - Leaving no Time Gap in Between)
    5. Beginning with the Right
    6. Economizing in the Use of Water and not Being Wasteful
    7. The Du'aa After the Wudoo
    8. Washing Each Body-Part Once
    9. Washing Each Body-Part Twice
    10. Washing Each Body-Part Thrice
    11. The Desirability of Making Wudoo for Each Prayer
    12. The One who is not Sure if he has Broken the Wudoo or not Relies upon that which he is Certain of
    13. A Man and Woman's Washing from a Single Vessel
    14. Making Wudoo after Eating Camel Meat
    15. Drying the Body Parts after Purification
  6. Those Things which Break Wudoo
    1. (1) That Which Comes Out from the Two Private Parts (Front And Back):
    2. (2) Sound Sleep5
    3. (3) Becoming Unconscious - Other than Sleep
    4. (4) Touching the Uncovered Private Parts
    5. (5) Touching the Penis
    6. (6) Touching a Woman with Desire
  7. Conclusion:

A single file version is also available.

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