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This is what Allaah ta'ala has made easy for us to gather together about the wudoo and its rulings, so we hope from Allaah the Most High, the All-Powerful, that we have been able to do justice to the subject - and we hope that any scholarly solicitous brother who comes across anything in our booklet which is incorrect to cover up and give sincere advice. And it is Allaah who grants success.


  1. Al Qur'an al Kareem.
  2. Fathul Baaree - Explanation of Saheeh ul Bukhaaree - by Ibn Hajr.
  3. Saheeh Muslim with an-Nawawi's explanation.
  4. Sunan Abi Dawood.
  5. Sunan an-Nasaa'ee.
  6. Jaami' ut-Tirmidhee.
  7. Sunan Ibn Maajah.
  8. Al-Musnad of Imam Ahmad.
  9. As-Sunan al Kubraa of aI-Baihaqee.
  10. Al-Mustadrak 'alas-Saheehain by al-Haakim.
  11. Al-Muwatta with az-Zarqaanees explanation.
  12. Majma' az-Zawaa'id by al-Haitumee.
  13. Nasb ur-Raayah of az-Zaila'ee.
  14. Kanz ul Ummaal.
  15. Al Mughnee wash-Sharh ul Kabeer- Ibn Qudaamah.
  16. Sharh us-Sunnah al Baghawee.
  17. Al-Majmoo' of an-Nawawee.
  18. Al-Isbidhkaar of Ibn 'Abd il Barr.
  19. Mirqaat ul Mafaateeh Sharh of Mishkaat ul Masaabeeh.
  20. Saheeh ul-Jaami' us-Sagheer by Al-Albaanee.
  21. Da'eef ul Jaami' us-Sagheer by al-Albaanee.
  22. Nail ul Autaar of ash-Shaukaanee.
  23. Subul us-Salaam of as-San'aanee.
  24. Fiqh us-Sunnah of Sayyid Saabiq.
  25. Minhaaj us-Sunnah of Ibn Taimiyyah.
  26. Tahdheeb-ut-Tahdheeb of Ibn Hajr.
  27. Fiqh of al Imam Sa'eed ibn al Musayyib.
  28. Fiqh of al Imam al Auzaa'ee.
  29. Lisaan ul 'Arab of Ibn Manzoor.
  30. Mashaariq ul Anwaar.
  31. 'Aun al Ma'bood explana~ion of Abi Dawood.
  32. 'Aaridat-ul-Ahwadhee explanahon of at-Tirmidhee.
  33. Tafseer Ibn Katheer.
  34. Fath-ul-Qadeer by ash-Shaukaanee.
  35. Kitaab-ul-Imaan by Ibn Taimiyyah.
  36. Majmoo'at-ur-Rasaa'il il-Kubraa by Ibn Taimiyyah.
  37. At Tafseer ul Kabeer of Al Fakhr-ur-Raazee.
  38. Lum'aat ut-Tanqeeh - explanation of Mishkaat ul-Masaabeeh.
  39. At-Ta'leeqaat us-Salafiyyah upon Sunan of an-Nasaa'ee.

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