Celebrations In Islaam
Impermissible Acts of Celebration

Bid`ahs Related to `Eeds
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It has been shown above that the `Eeds should be preserved as purely Islaamic occasions and practices. They should not be defaced by innovation and other unjustified practices. The warnings concerning bid`ahs and sinning apply to them.
Additional `Eeds?
Celebrating so called "Islaamic occasions" other than the three days prescribed by Allaah is a rejected bid`ah in Islaam; it consists of introducing new rites and worships that only Allaah (SWT) has the right to do. This applies to occasions like "the Prophet's Birthday", "the Hijree New Year's day", "the Middle of Sha`baan", etc.
Visiting The Graves
Some people seem to entertain a feeling of guilt toward their deceased ones during the Eed. They attempt to do things that, they think, will benefit the dead on these specific days. All of this has no support or evidence from the Sunnah of the Prophet saws. The following are a few examples:
  • Making specific visits to graveyards on `Eed days.
  • Distributing food and sweets at graveyards.
  • Sitting eating, and talking, on graves.
  • Placing flowers or palm leaves on graves.
  • Reading portions of the Qur'aan over graves.

Specific Acts Of Worship
Some ignorant people exert in worship more than usual on the night preceding the `Eeds or Jumu`ah . They base their action on a fabricated hadeeth encouraging that. In fact, the Prophet saws prohibited specifying the night preceding Friday with special acts of worship.
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