Celebrations In Islaam
Impermissible Acts of Celebration

Impermissible Acts Of Celebration - Introduction
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To many people, celebrating `Eeds is a non-religious matter. They believe that one has the choice to participate in celebrating any Eed, for any nation, religion, or culture, as long as that does not involve engaging in haraam (prohibited) actions.
      Based on this view, many Muslims often engage in various celebrations, and participate in the holidays of other peoples and religions.
      True Muslims approach the celebration of `Eeds with correct understanding and conception1. They avoid major violations associated with these occasions:
  1. They avoid participating in any celebration or festivity that is not legislated by Allaah (SWT).
  2. They avoid celebrating the `Eeds in a way similar to that of the kuffaar2 or the faasiqs (corrupt) who overstep Allaah's boundaries when they rejoice. They indulge in various acts of disobedience, such as the mingling of men and women, wearing improper clothing, dancing and listening to music, committing adultery, drinking alcohol, etc.
  3. They avoid performing unjustified practices and bid`ahs done by the ignorant Muslims during these days, such as visiting graveyards, or spending the night preceding the `Eed in extended worship.

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  2. Kuffaar: Plural of kaafir; those who reject Islaam - disbelievers.  - Back to text 
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