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The Eid Prayer and Khutbah

No Athaan or Iqaamah
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The `Eed prayer is not preceded with Athaan1 or Iqaamah2. Jaabir Bin Samurah (t) reported:
"I prayed the `Eed prayer with Allaah's Messenger saws, on more than one occasion, without Athaan or Iqaamah."3

     Ibn `Abbaas and Jaabir (radiAllahu `anhu) said:
"Athaan was never given (for the `Eed prayer) on the day of Fitr, nor the day of Adha."4

     Ibn ul-Qayyim said (r):
"He saws would arrive at the musallaa and start the prayer without Athaan, Iqaamah, or announcing, 'Congregate for prayer'. The Sunnah is not to do any of that."5

     Al-San`aanee (r) commented on the above reports:
"This provides evidence that it is not permissible to do that (announcing) for the `Eed prayer. So, doing it is a bid`ah (innovation)." 6

  1. Call to announce the arrival of the prayer's time.  - Back to text 
  2. Call to start the prayer.  - Back to text 
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