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The Eid Prayer and Khutbah

Late Report of Crescent Sighting
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If the day of `Eed is not determined until late in the day (past the time of the `Eed prayer), then the `Eed prayer is held the next day. Abu `Umayr Bin Anas reported that some of his uncles, who were from the Ansaar1, and who were companions of the Prophet saws, told him:
"The crescent of Shawwaal was obscure to us. So we continued to fast that morning; later in the day, a group of travellers arrived and testified before Allaah's Messenger saws that they had seen the hilaal (crescent) the previous day; so he saws commanded the people to break their fast on that day, and to go out to the musallaa the following morning."2

  1. Dwellers of al-Madeenah who helped and supported the Prophet saws.  - Back to text 
  2. Abu Daawood, an-Nasaa`ee, and Ibn Maajah; authentic. See Irwaa' ul-Ghaleel 3:102.  - Back to text 
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