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The Eid Prayer and Khutbah

No Prayer before or after the `Eed Prayer
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No sunnah prayer may precede or follow the `Eed prayer - except if it is performed in a masjid instead of the musallaa, in which case one must pray two Rak`aat before sitting down. Ibn `Abbaas (t) narrated:
"The Prophet saws went out (of his house) on the day of Fitr, prayed two Rak`aat, and did not pray before or after it."1

     Ibn ul-Qayyim said:
"Neither he saws nor his companions prayed when they arrived at the musallaa - before the prayer or after it."2

     And Ibn Hajar said:
"... In short, there is no confirmed sunnah prayer before or after the `Eed prayer - contrary to those who compare it to the Jumu`ah prayer." 3

     But it is confirmed from Abu Sa`eed al-Khudree that:
"The Prophet saws would not pray at all before the `Eed prayer; but when he returned to his house, he prayed."4

--Al-Albaanee commented on this:
"So the negation of praying before and after the `Eed prayer refers only to praying at the musallaa."5

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