Celebrations In Islaam
Recommended Acts On Eid Days

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It is recommended to take a bath on the morning of `Eed. Naafi` reported that:
"`Abdullaah Bin `Umar (radiAllahu `anhu) used to take ghusl (bath) on the day of Fitr before proceeding to the musallaa (prayer place)." 1

     Sa`eed Bin al-Musayyib (r) said:
"There are three sunnahs2 for Fitr: walking to the musallaa, eating before you go, and performing ghusl."3

     Imaam Ibn Qudaamah said:
"It is recommended to perform ghusl for `Eed. Ibn `Umar would perform ghusl on the day of Fitr; and `Alee is reported to have done so as well4. This is also the opinion of `Alqamah, `Urwah, `Ataa', an-Nakh`ee, ash-Shi`bee, Qataadah, Abu az-Zinad, Maalik, ash-Shaafi`ee, and Ibn ul-Munthir."5

The reports regarding Allaah's Messenger saws performing ghusl for the `Eed or commanding people to perform it are all weak.6
  1. Recorded by Maalik, ash-Shaafi`ee, and `Abdurrazzaaq as-San`aanee in the Musannaf; it has an authentic chain. - Back to text 
  2. He might mean that is was the sunnah (way) of the sahaabah (radiAllahu `anhum).  - Back to text 
  3. Al-Faryabaadee with an authentic chain; see Irwaa' ul-Ghaleel. - Back to text 
  4. A man asked `Alee (radiAllahu `anhu) about ghusl; so he said, "You can perform ghusl every day if you wish." He said, "I do not mean that; I mean the days on which one should make ghusl." He (radiAllahu `anhu) said:
    "The day of Jumu_ah, the day of _Arafah, the day of Nahr (Sacrifice), and the day of Fitr." Recorded by al-Bayhaqee with an authentic chain of narrators. See Irwaa` ul-Ghaleel.
     - Back to text 
  5. Al-Mughnee 2:370.. - Back to text 
  6. Recorded in Sunan Ibn Maajah, No. 1315, "Allaah's Messenger saws performed ghusl on the day of Fitr and the day of Adha." Its chain contains Jubaarah Bin al-Mughallis and his shaykh, both of which are weak. There is also another weak report with additional wording in No. 1316, whose chain contains Yoosuf Bin Khdaalid as-Samtee, who has been known to lie. See Irwaa' ul-Ghaleel. - Back to text 
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