Celebrations In Islaam

Holidays Are Part of the Complete Deen
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Evidence from the Qur'aan and the Sunnah clearly demonstrates that the `Eeds are distinctive features for every nation. Allaah (SWT) said:

To every people we have appointed rites (of sacrifice) that they must observe.1

     From authentic hadeeths that are cited above and subsequently, it is concluded that the Muslims have only three `Eed days, a weekly `Eed every Friday, and two annual `Eeds: al-Fitr and al-Adha.
     Thus, the `Eeds are purely religious occasions for the Muslims. They are the only holidays in Islaam, and were granted to the Muslims by Allaah (SWT). This indicates His great love and mercy toward those who adhere to His blessed religion: Islaam.
     And when Allaah (SWT), the most Generous, grants something, he grants it complete and perfect. Thus, He granted us the `Eeds, as well as instructions for celebrating them.
     It becomes clear then that:
  • Allaah (SWT) alone has the right to prescribe `Eeds and to set their dates.
  • Allaah (SWT) alone has the right to prescribe the manner of celebrating them.

  1. Al-Hajj 22:67.  - Back to text 
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