Celebrations In Islaam
Establishing Islamic Dates

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The above discussion may be summarized in the following points:
  1. For purposes of fasting, Hajj, and other Islaamic occasions, the beginning of an Islaamic month may be determined only through naked-eye sighting of the new crescents.
  2. Astronomical evidence may not be used to establish moon sighting or to verify or revoke the sighting of trustworthy Muslims.
  3. Once the new crescent is sighted anywhere on earth, people in all other places who learn about the sighting within a reasonable amount of time to be able to use such information must act on it.1
  4. A month starts when the new crescent is seen, regardless of whether this occurred before, after or during the actual "possible" sighting period.

  5.      We ask Allaah to show us the truth, and to enable us to follow the Sunnah always - in all of our actions.
    1. One should not be surprised to find noteworthy scholars today advising people in Muslim countries to go by their governments' decisions regarding the beginning of the month. In many cases, this conflicts with the principle of unified matla`s that we discussed, and that such scholars usually support. Such fataawee (verdicts) are issued to prevent fitnah and division among Muslims of the same land who have a legitimate and unanimous governing body, especially when the hadeeth that was cited earlier states, Fasting is when the people fast, ...  - Back to text 
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