Celebrations In Islaam

Translating and Transliterating Arabic
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Attempt has been made to minimize the use of Arabic terms. This is a frequently neglected service to the English speaking reader. Transliterated Arabic terms are used in the following two situations only:
  1. When no English expression is found that can reflect the same meaning as the original term.
  2. When it is judged that an Arabic term is of such importance that it is essential to familiarize the readers with it.
In such cases, the Arabic terms are defined at their first occurrence, between brackets or in a footnote. They are then include in the INDEX OF ARABIC TERMS, usually appearing at the end of the book.
Except for proper nouns, transliterated Arabic terms are italicized. In general, the rules of English pronunciation can be applied. The following table includes additional symbols employed in this book to help pronounce the Arabic terms.
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