Celebrations In Islaam

General Approach in This Work
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A large number of Islaamic writings in recent times lack the correctness and preciseness of a true Islaamic approach. They suffer from two major problems:
  1. Unconcern about the importance of relying only on authentic evidence, particularly in quoting hadeeth1. Thus some conclusions that they reach, and some principles that they establish, are, in the least, of doubtful validity.
  2. Replacing the glorious thought and sound understanding of the early great pioneers and scholars of Islaam (the Salaf radiAllahu `anhum) by inferior opinions and speculations of later scholars.
          These problems led to the following serious consequences:
    • A deformation in some of the fundamental beliefs for the majority of Muslims, including many who are regarded as scholars.
    • Practicing Islaam in a way that conflicts with the teachings of Muhammad saws.
    Through the ages, only few true scholars (`ulamaa' ) have directed their efforts to correcting these problems through reviving the authentic Sunnah and fighting bid`ahs. Their efforts have always been greatly countered and fiercely rejected by their contemporaries. But there is no way to stop truth from spreading, and Allaah's Light will surely be complete and prevalent. These `ulamaa; (may Allaah bless them and reward their efforts) have produced marvelous writings that have rectified the Islaamic beliefs and practices.
          Very little of these great writings have been translated to English, or have been resorted to in English writings on Islaam. Thus a good deal of the existing Islaamic literature in English suffers from the two problems cited earlier. It also suffers from additional problems, mainly:
  3. Many writers have had a shallow Islaamic education. They had to self-educate themselves to meet the requirements of Da`wah in the West. But their education has not been, in general, adequate enough to qualify them to write on Islaam.
  4. Some non-Muslim scholars and orientalists have volunteered to write on Islaam. Despite their wide academic knowledge, their writings on Islaam are usually charged with obvious fallacies and prejudiced misinformation.
      These problems have caused a further deviation from the truth in many of today's English writings and talks on Islaam.
      This publication is, therefore, a humble response to our realization of a great responsibility: the responsibility to help bring forth, before the general English speaking public, writings that refine the Islaamic concepts from the above problems and present Islaam pure and simple, as close as possible to the way that it was understood and practiced by its early good pioneers - the Salaf.
  1. Hadeeth: Reports of the Prophet's sayings, actions, and approvals. - Back to text 
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