Defining the chosen guided 'Ibaad of Allah (AWJ)

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Defining the chosen guided 'Ibaad of Allah (AWJ)

He (SWT) has shown that His chosen 'Ibaad are those who will escape the mishiefs which are adorned by Ash-Shaitaan (Satan). Ash-Shaitaan said,

O my Lord! Because You misled meI shall indeed adorn the path of error for them (mankind) on earth and I shall mislead them all. Except Your chosen, guided 'Ibaad among them. [Al-Hijr: 39-40]

Allah (SWT) said, This is a Way which will be straight and well guarded by Me. Certainly you shall have no authority over my 'Ibaad, except those who follow you of the wrong-doers. [Al-Hijr: 41-42]

Also he (Ash-Shaitaan) said, Thus I swear by Your Might (O Allah) that I shall mislead them all except your chosen 'Ibaad amongst them. [Saad: 82-83]

And Allah (SWT) said regarding Yoosuf (SAAWS), Thus (did We order) that We might turn away from him evil and the blatant sin (i.e. adultery). Surely he was one of Our chosen 'Ibaad [Yoosuf: 24]

And He (SWT) said, Exalted be Allah from what they ascribe (to Him). (And the Jinn knew that the Qureish pagans will be punished) except the chosen 'Ibaad of Allah. [As-Saafaat: 159-160]

Also, He (SWT) said, Verily! He (Ash-Shaitaan) has no power over those who believe and put their trust only in their Lord (Allah). His power is only over those who take him as an ally and those who because of him join partners (with Allah). [An-Nahl: 99-100]