Adding other commands to Al-'lbaadah

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Adding other commands to Al-'lbaadah

If it was said: Since all what Allah loves is included in Al-'Ibaadah, why did He (SWT) add to it (Al 'Ibaadah) other commands such as in His (SWT) saying in the opening of the Scripture,

You (Alone) we worship and You (Alone) we ask for help. [Al-Faatihah:5];

and in His (SWT) saying to His Prophet (SAAWS),

So worship Him (O Muhammad SAAWS) and put your trust in Him. [Hood: 123]; and the saying of Nooh (to his people),

You should worship Allah, protect yourselves from Him by warding off evil, and obey me. [Nooh:3];

and similar to this of the sayings of other Messengers?