Allah (AWJ) disgraces Al-Bida'

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Allah (AWJ) disgraces Al-Bida'

The righteous deed is the beneficience, that is to perform the good deeds. And the good deeds are those which are beloved by Allah (AWJ) and His Messenger (SAAWS), and which were commanded whether with flrm command or favoring command.

Therefore, whatever exists in Ad-Deen by way of innovations which are not in the Scripture, nor in the authentic Sunnah, no matter who said them or practiced them, are not legislated. Because Allah (AWJ) does not love them nor does His Messenger; they ought not to be of the good deeds and the righteous deeds. The same holds for he who does unallowable matters such as blatant sins and injustice. These matters are not of the good deeds and the righteous deeds. As for His (SWT) saying,

And (let him) associate none as partner in Al 'Ibaadah of his Lord. [Al-Kahaf:11O]; and His (SWT) saying,

He who submits himself to Allah

[Al- Baqarah:112]; that is the sincere devotion of Ad-Deen to Allah Alone. 'Umar bin Al-Khattaab (RAA) used to say, "O Allah! May You make the whole of my deed righteous, and may You make it pure (sincerely devoted) for Your Face, and do not make for anyone else any share from it."