The absolute love is common amongst the believers and non-believers

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The absolute love is common amongst the believers and non-believers

That is why these people deviate; they become very fond of listening to the poetry and the sounds which stimulate the general love which is not specific to the people of Eemaan. It is the rather common love found amongst the lover of the Beneficient, the lover of the idols, the lover of the crosses, the lover of the nations, the lover of the bretheren, the lover of the beardless men, and the lover of women. And these are the ones who follow their own tastes and passions without any account, in doing so, of the Scripture, the Sunnah, or the way the righteous predecessors were on.

The one who opposes that with which Allah (AWJ) had sent His Messenger as to worshiping Him Alone, obeying Him and obeying His Messenger is never following any Deen which has been legislated by Allah (AWJ) as HE (SWT) said,

Then We have put you (O Muhammad SAAWS) on the (right) Way (i.e. Islaamic Legislation). So follow that (Islaamic Legislation), and follow not the desires of those who know not. Verily, the wrong-doers are protectors to one another, but Allah is the Protector of the pious (who fear Him and avoid evil). [Al Jaathiyah:18-19] He is rather following his own desire without any guidance from Allah. Allah (SWT) said,

Or do they have partners with Allah who have legislated for them of the Deen's matters that which Allah allowed not? [Ash-Shoora:21]

In this, they are sometimes involved in a Bid'ah which they call: Truth. They put this ahead of that which Allah has legislated; and some other times they use the universal Measure against the Sharee'ah as Allah had stated about Al-Mushrikeen as mentioned above.