Legalizing the forbidden and blindly following the forefather.

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Legalizing the forbidden and blindly following the forefather.

And He (SWT) has mentioned regarding Al Mushrikeen and what they have innovated in Ad -Deen such as legalizing Al-Haraam, and worshiping Allah with something He (SWT) did not legislate, as in His (SWT) saying,

And according to their pretending, they say that such and such cattle and crops are forbidden, and none should eat of them except those whom we allow. And there are cattle forbidden to use for burden or any other work and cattle on which (at slaughtering) the Name of Allah is not pronounced: - inventions against Him (Allah). [Al-An'aam:138] - until the end of the Surah. Also, as in Surat Al-A'raaf, His (SWT) saying,

O Children of Adam! Let not Ash-Shaitaan (Satan) deceive you, likewise as he got your parents out of Al-Jannah,... up to His (SWT) saying,

When they commit a disgraceful sin, they say: 'We found our fathers doing it, and Allah has commanded us to do so.' Say: 'Nay, Allah never commands what is disgraceful. Do you say of Allah what you know not?' Say (O Muhammad SAAWS): 'My Lord has commmanded justice and (said) that you should face only your Lord (Allah) in each and every prostration (i.e. prayer, and not to face other false deities and idols) and invoke Him only, making your Deen sincere to Him by not joining in 'Ibaadah any partner to Him and with the intention that you are doing your deeds for Allah's Sake only.' - up to His (SWT) saying,

And eat and drink but waste not by extravangance. Certainly He (Allah) likes not the extravangants. Say (O Muhammad SAAWS): 'Who has forbidden the adoration with clothes given by Allah which He has produced for His 'Ibaad and the delightful legal things of food?' Up to His (SWT) saying,
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