There can be no argument in using Al-Qadar to contradict Ash-Sharee'ah

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There can be no argument in using Al-Qadar to contradict Ash-Sharee'ah

The extravagant ones amongst them take it for absolute and general. They use Al-Qadar (the Measure) as an excuse in arguing for whatever they do in opposition to Ash-Sharee'ah (the legislated law). The saying of these people is worse than the saying of the Jews and Christians. It is of the same type as the saying of the Mushrikeen who said, If Allah had willed, we would not have taken partners (in Al-'Ibaadah) with Him nor would our fathers, and we would not have had forbidden anything (against His Will). [Al-An'aam: 148]

And they said,

If it had been the Will of the Most Beneficient (Allah) we should not have worshiped them. [Az Zukhruf:20]

These people are the most self-contradicting beings amongst the whole population of the earth. Rather, anyone who argues using Al-Qadar (the Measure) is self-contradicting. It is not possible to approve whatever every and each human being does. It is incumbent on him when an unjust person practices his unjustice on him, or on other people; or promotes corruption on earth; or starts shedding the blood of people; or rendering adultery allowable; or destroying the civilization and humanity; and the like of such types of harm which the people can not bear, that he should repel this fate and punish the unjust person in order to prevent his aggression and the aggression of those like him. It would be said to him: If Al-Qadar (the Measure) is an excuse in arguing, then let anybody do to you and to other people whatever he likes. If, rather, it is not an excuse in arguing, then the origin of your saying is proven false.