The Reality of Al-'lbaadah and the obedience

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The Reality of Al-'lbaadah and the obedience

As aspects of worshiping and obeying Him (SWT) are the commanding of good and forbidding of evil as much as possible, and the Jihaad Fee Sabeel-Ellah (the struggle in the Cause of Allah) against the people of Kufr and hypocracy. They (the believers) strive for the establishment of His Deen, seeking help from Him, lifting and removing through that as much as they can of mischiefs, pushing away thereof what could be of fearful consequences.

This is very similar to the human being who removes actual hunger by eating, and with it pushes away future hunger. Also, when it gets cold, he pushes it away by wearing extra clothing. Similarly is the case of every required need which is used to push away the harm. As they (the Companions of the Prophet) said to the Prophet (SAAWS): "O Rasool-Allah! How about the medicines which we use to cure ourselves with, and Ruqa (1) we seek as remedies, and the safeguards we use to protect ourselves with? Do they prevent any of Allah's Qadar (Measure)?" He (SAAWS) replied: "They are indeed aspects of Allah's Qadar (Measure)." Also, in the Hadeeth: "The supplication and the affliction confront each other and struggle in between the heaven and the the earth." (2) This is the state of the believers in Allah (SWT) and in His Messenger (SAAWS), who offer their 'Ibaadah to Allah. All the aforementioned are aspects of 'Ibaadah. As for those who witness the universal truth -- the Lordship of Allah Ta'aala for everything -- and make it as an obstruction for not following His legislated religious Command, they are at different levels of being astray.

1) Pl. of Ruqyah, recitation of Quraanic verses or prescribed supplications.

2) Narrated by Imaam Ahmad in his Musnad (31421) and Ibn Maajah 3437 and also narrated by At-Tirmidthi