The most horrifying Kufr

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The most horrifying Kufr

Therefore, anyone who witnesses the universal truth without the religious truth will hold equal all these types of people whom Allah (SWT) has made an ultimate distinction between. This reconciliation will eventually conduce him to even reconcile between Allah (AWJ) and the idols, as Allah (SWT) said about this type of people.

By Allah, we were truly in a manifest error. When we held you (false deities) as equals (in Al-'Ibaadah) with the Lord of the Worlds. [Ash-Shu'araa:97-98]

They eventually reach the point where they reconcile between Allah (AWJ) and every existing being. And they considered all that which He (AWJ) deserves of 'Ibaadah and obedience as being due to every existing created thing since they made His (AWJ) existence the same as the existence of the created things. This is of the most horrifying Kufr and atheism towards the Lord of all the beings. They reach by their Kufr the point where they do not bear witness that they are 'Ibaad-u-Allah, neither by the meaning of the subdued ones nor by the meaning of the worshiping ones. They witness that they themselves are the Truth as has been declared by their false idols, e.g. Ibn 'Arabee who wrote "Al-Fousous," and other slandering atheists such as Ibn Sab'een and his like. They even witness that they are simultaneously the worshipers and the ones being worshiped.

This, indeed, is not the witnessing of the truth, neither the universal one nor the religious one, but it is rather a going astray and a blindness from witnessing the universal truth, for they made the existence of the Creator the same as that of the created. They made every good and bad quality as an attribute to both the Creator and the created, for they consider the existence of the former as being the same as the existence of the latter. But the believers in Allah (SWT) and His Messengers, both commoner and elite, are the people of the Quraan, as the Prophet (SAAWS) said, "Verily, Allah has (favorite) people amongst mankind." He was asked, "Who are they? O Messenger of Allah." He replied, "The people of Al Quraan, they are people of Allah and His elite." (1)

1) Narrated by Ahmad and it is Hasan for it is Saheeh due to another route. See Silsilat Al-Ahaadeeth Adh-Dha'eefah No. 1582.