The argument between Adam and Musa (SAAWS)

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The argument between Adam and Musa (SAAWS)

It is reported in the Saheehein (1) upon the Prophet (SAAWS) who said:

"Adam and Musa held a disputation. Musa said: 'You are Adam whom Allah created with His Hand, into whom He breathed by His Spirit, to whom He made the Angels prostrate, and whom He taught the names of everything, so why have you expelled us and yourself from Al-Jannah(the Paradise)?' Adam replied, 'And you are Musa whom Allah favored with His Message and His Words, have you not found that it had been written on me before I was created?' He (Musa) said: 'Yes, indeed"' Then he (Rasool Allah SAAWS) said: "So Adam got the better of Musa in the argument." (2)

Adam did not prove his argument against Musa by means of Al-Qadar (the Measure), thinking that the sinner can use Al-Qadar (the Measure) as an argument. Neither a Muslim nor any sane man would say that. If it were an excuse, it would be an excuse for Iblees as well as for Nooh's people, Hood's people, and every Kaafir.

Neither did Musa blame Adam for the sin itself, for Adam did repent to his Lord and was then (forgiven and) gained favor and was guided by Him (AWJ). But he blamed him for the calamity which afflicted them because of the sin; that is why he said to Adam, "Why did you have us and yourself expelled out of Al-Jannah (the Paradise)?" Adam thus replied, "This had been written on me before I was created."

So the action and the calamity resulting from it were pre-measured, and what has been pre-measured of calamity one should submit to. This is the complement to the acceptance of Allah as Lord.

1) "Al-Jaami' As-Saheeh" of Imaam Bukhaari and "Al-Jaami' As-Saheeh" of Imaam Muslim

2) Sheikh Al-lslaam Ibn Taymiyah detailed this subject in his book "Al-lhtijaaj bi Al-Qadar." This book has been verified by Al-Muhaddith As-Sheikh Muhammad Naasir Ad-Deen Al Albaani