About the Witr Prayer

Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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About the Witr Prayer (51)
'Ibn 'Abbas , said: Once I spent the night at the place of Maymounah (his aunt). I layed down along the width of a pillow, and the Messenger of Allah layed down with his wife along its length, and slept till midnight or nearly so, then he woke up rubbing the sleep off of his face, then he recited ten verses from [Surat] 'Ale 'Imran. Then the Messenger of Allah got up towards a leather skin that was hanging, and performed ablution, and performed it well. Then he got up to pray, so I did as he did, then stood to his side, whereupon, he put his right hand on my head, and twisted my ear and then prayed two rak`ahs followed by two rak`ahs, followed by two rak`ahs, followed by two rak`ahs, followed by two rak`ahs, then he performed Witr. He then layed down on his side until the the Mu'ath-thin came to him, whereupon, he prayed two rak`ahs, and went to the morning prayer.

Reported in Saheeh 'Al-Bukhãri #106 in the chapters of Witr in Volume 2 of Muhammad Muhsin Khãn's translation.

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