Upon Mounting Means of Transportation

Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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Upon Mounting Means of Transportation (196)
Once ascended upon his camel, if the Prophet was going on a journey he would say: 'Allãhu 'akbaru(211), three times , then he would say: Subhãnal-lathee sakh-khara lanã hãthã wa mã kunnã lahu muqrineena. Wa'innã 'lã rabbinã lamunqaliboona.(212).

'Allãhumma 'innã nas'aluka fee safarinã hãthã 'al-birra wat-taqwã, wa minal-`amali mã tardhã, 'allãhumma hawwin `alaynã safaranã hãthã watwi ``anna bu`dahu, 'anta 'as-sãhibu fissafari, wal-khalifatu fil 'ahli, allãhumma 'innee 'a`outhu bika min wa`thã'is-safari, wa ka'ãbatil-manthari, wa sou'il munqalabi fil mãli wal 'ahli.(213)
Then when he would return he would say the same words, and would add to them: 'ãyiboona, tã'iboona, `abidoona, li-rabbinã hãmidoona(214)

(211) Allãh is greater [than everything].

(212) Surat 'Az-Zukhruf (#43) Glory be to Him who has availed this to our use, for we were not bound to it. And to our Lord surely we will be returning (V 13, 14).

(213) O' my ilãh we ask You in this journey of ours reverence and piety, and deeds that You approve of, O' my ilãh facilitate this journey for us, fold up its distance for us, You are the companion in journey, and the One that remains guardian over the family, O' my ilãh I solicit Your protection frm the hardship of journeying, distressful scenery, and ill happenings regarding property and family.

(214) Coming back [we are]; in repentance; in worship; and of our Lord, in praise.


Reported by Muslim, and is #139 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

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