How to Pray Upon the Dead

Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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How to Pray Upon the Dead (159)
It is reported by way of 'Abi Hurayrata that the Messenger of Allah "Used to, if he would pray upon a corpse, say: Allãhumma 'ighfir li hayyinã wa mayyitinã, wa shãhidinã, wa ghã'ibinã, wa sagheerina wa kabeerinã, wa thakarinã wa 'unthãnã, allãhumma men 'ahyaytahu minnã fa'ahyihi `alã 'al-'islãmi, wa men tawaffaytahu minnã fatawaffahu `alã 'al-'eemãni, allãhumma lã tahrimnã 'ajrahu, walã tudhillanã ba`dahu.(177)

(177) O' my ilãh forgive our living, and our dead; our present and our absent; our young and our old, our males, and our females. O' my ilãh whomever of us you liven then liven him upon Islam, and whomever of us you exact then exact him upon faith. O' my ilãh do not forbid us his reward, and do not push us astray afer him.


Al-Albãni said, in his 'Ahkãm 'Al-Janãiz wa Bida`ihã, that it was reported by Ibn Mãja, 456/1; Al-Bayhaqi, 41/4; 'Abu Dawood, 68/2; At-Tirmithi, 141/2, and Ibn Hibbãn in his saheeh (757 - Mawãrid). Al-Albãni said that Al-Hãkim said dthat it was sound according to the conditions of al-Bukhãri, and Muslim, that 'Ath-thahabi agreed; and that so did he.

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