About Devils Presenting Themselves to Humans

Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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About Devils Presenting Themselves to Humans (145)
Abu Zumayl said: I told Ibn Abbas : I find nothing in myself - meaning no doubts. So he said to me: "Would it that you do find something in yourself then say: Huwal 'awwalu, wal 'ãkhiru, wath-thãhiru, wal-bãtinu, wahuwa bikulli shay'in 'aleemun.(164)

(164) He is The First, The Last, The Outer, and The Inner; and He is, in everything, Ever Knowledgeable. Note: The tradition in Saheeh Muslim which appears as supplication #33, and footnote 55 is also significant for an understanding of this supplication which happens also to be verse 3 in Surat 'Al-Hadeed (#57)


Reported by Abu Dawood, and Al-Albãni said it was of comely ascription. He included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings

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