Surrender to Predestination Neither in Deficit nor in Exaggeration

Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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Surrender to Predestination Neither in Deficit nor in Exaggeration (122)
Allah The Exalted said

<<O' You who believe! Be not like those who have disbelieved and said to their brethren as they were traveling through the earth or were engaged in fighting: If they were here with us, they would not have died, or been slain. That such that Allah make it a cause of sighs and regrets in their hearts. It is Allah that livens and mortifies, and Allah is ever-aware of what you do.>> (141)

The Messenger of Allah said: "The strong believer is better and more beloved by Allah The Exalted than the weak believer, and in both there is good. Be on the guard for what is beneficial for you, get help from Allah to Whom belongs Glory and Power, do not give up, and if something befalls you then don't say: Oh if I had done [so and so] such and such would have resulted; rather, say: Qaddara 'allãhu wa mã shã'a fa`ala(142).

For saying "if" (lawe) opens the way for the work of the shaytãn".

(141) Surat Aale 'Imrãn (#3) V.156. (142) Allah has decreed and what He has willed He has done.


122. Reported by Muslim, and is #112 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

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