Supplication in the Prayer and after the Tashahud

Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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Supplication in the Prayer and after the Tashahud (108)
It is reported by way of Abi Hurayrata that some of the poor folk from among the emigrants came to the Messenger of Allah and submitted: The wealthy have made off with the high ranks and permanent bounties. They pray as we do, and they fast as we do; however, they have excess wealth and personal properties which they use to perform pilgrimage, to perform 'Umrah, to perform jihãd, and to give in charity. He said "May I tell you something by which you would reach those who proceeded you, overtake those who succeeded you, and no one would be better than you except for one that would have done the like of that which you have done? They said: "Yes, O' Messenger of Allah, He said: "Make tasbeeh(128), tahmeed, and takbeer, after each salãt 33 times". Abu Sãlih said(129): Say Subhãna 'allãhi, 'al-hamdu lil-lãhi, and 'allãhu 'akbaru,
till you have said 33 of them all".

(128)Tasbeeh is to say Subhãna 'allãhi; Tahmeed is to say 'Al-hamdu lillãhi; Takbeer is to say 'Allãhu 'akbaru.

(129)He is the tãbi`ee [one who met a companion of the Prophet believing in the Prophet and died that way] that reported this hadeeth.


Agreed upon by Bukhari and Muslim, and Al-Albãni included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #91.

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