Supplication in the Prayer and after the Tashahud

Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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Supplication in the Prayer and after the Tashahud (101)
It is reported by way of `Abdullãh son of Amru that Abu Bakr As-siddeeq said to the Messenger of Allah : Teach me an invocation [a supplication] which I may petition [Allah] with in my prayer, he said: "Say: 'Allãhumma 'innee thalamtu nafsee thulman katheeran, wa lã yaghfi ruth-thunooba 'illã 'anta, faghfirlee maghfiratan min 'indika, warhamnee, 'innaka 'antal ghafoorur-raheemu(119)."

(119) O' my 'ilãh I have transgressed upon myself much transgression, and no one forgives sins except for You, so forgive me a forgiveness from You, and have mercy upon me. You are The Oft-Forgiving. The Merciful.


Agreed upon by Bukhãri and Muslim, and is #84 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

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