The Belief in the Apostles of Allah

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The Belief in the Apostles of Allah

41. Allah Ta'ala chose from mankind prophets and apostles to guide and invite people to the way of Allah. The first of them was Adam and the last of them and their Seal was Muhammad(Peace be on Him), after whom there shall be no prophet. They are all brothers-in-faith and inviters unto the Lord of the Worlds. Although their laws were different they share the same `aqeedah(1).
1- "And We did not send any apostle before you (O Muhammad) but We revealed to him that there is none who has the right to be worshipped but I (Allah) so worship Me (alone and none else)." 21.25

42. All of the apostles are protected from attributing to Allah something of their own invention, judging according to their own desires, falling into major sins and adding to or diminishing from the religion. They are directed by Allah to be upright in the disposition of their affairs. As they were human, they could make mistakes in matters not pertainlng to religion, but Allah did not endorse any erroneous judgment they may have made(2).

2- "He, (Allah) protects them until He sees that they (the apostles) have conveyed the message of their Lord and He surrounds all that which is with them and He keeps account of all things." 72.3

43. The apostles were human beings like we are. None of them was made of the light of Allah or of the light of His `Arsh(3), as some infidels among Muslims allege with regards to the nature of Muhammad(Peace be on Him). Nor were they made of the word of Allah, as the Nassdra (Christians) allege with regards to `Eissa (Jesus)(4). They experienced sickness, pain and death just like their fellow human beings.

3- "Say (O'Muhammad) I am but a man like yourselves; the revelation has come to me that your Lord Is One." 41.6

4- The Christians subscribe to the belief that "the word of Allah was made flesh and dwelt among them." "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Gospel of Saint John.

44. It is only because they achieved full submission to Allah, that He honoured them with the Divine assignment. They are the most perfect in belief, most God-fearing and most knowledgeable among the believers. Not one of them called people to magnify himself rather they called all people to worship Allah alone(5).

5- "It is not (possible) that a man to whom is given the book and wisdom and the Prophetic office should say to people: Be you my worshippers rather than Allah's (on the contray he would say): Be you worshippers of Him Who is truly the cherisher of all." 3.79

45. Of the unseen the Apostles knew only that which Allah revealed to them. They made public what they learned, and they concealed nothing of what was revealed to them(6).

6- "He (alone) knows the unseen. He does not make anyone acquainted with His mysteries." 72.26 Um 'Alaa' narrated; The Prophet(Peace be on Him) said: ". . . By Allah, I do not know what Allah will do with me (in this world) though I am Allah's Apostle." Bukhari Vol.I p. 190.

46. Muhammad(Peace be on Him) is the Seal of Prophets and Apostles, their head and the best of them in the sight of Allah(7). He has the highest degree in the estimation of Allah. He delivered the message perspicuously and concealed nothing of that which was revealed to him by the Lord of the Worlds.

7- "Muhammad is not the father of any of your men but, (he is) the Apostle of Allah and the Seal of Prophets." 33.40

47. No one shall maintain perfect belief unless the love he holds for the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad(Peace be on Him) is greater than the love he holds for his parent, children and himself, and honours, reveres and follows His message, and places obedience to Him above his obedience to any other creature(8).

8- Anas narrated: The Prophet(Peace be on Him) said: "None of you shall have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind Bukhari." Vol. VI, p.19.

48. On the Day of Judgment, the Prophet Muhammad(Peace be on Him) shall be able to make the Greater Intercession for mankind(9), that Allah may give His verdict and let people depart the place of congregation. At this point Allah will permit him too, to intercede for a number of believers, that they may be admitted into paradise. We affirm the fact that his intercession will also be for the disobedient among the believers(10). We affirm that the Messenger will intercede only for those for whom Allah permits it.

9- Preferring him over His other Prophets and Messengers, Allah favoured Muhammad(Peace be on Him) by granting him the Greater Intercession on the Day of Judgment Anas bin Malik narrated: The Prophet(Peace be on Him) said: "Allah would gather people on the Day of Resurrection and they would be concerned about it." (Ibnu Ubeid elaborated upon this saying: 'The people would be inspired to look for someone to intercede on their behalf.') The people would say: "If we could seek intercession with our Lord, we may be relieved from this predicament of ours." The Prophet Muhammad(Peace be on Him) said: "They would come to Adam and say: 'You are Adam, the father of mankind, Allah created you with His Own hand and breathed into you of His spirit and commanded the angels and they prostrated before you, so intercede for us with your Lord that He may relieve us from this position of ours.' He would say, 'I am not in a position to do this, and would recall his error and would feel shy of His Lord on account of that." The hadeeth is too long to be quoted in its entirety, but in brief, Adam would direct people to Noah, who in turn would direct them to Ibraheem, after recalling his error Ibraheem would direct them to Musa who directs them to Issa (Jesus). Finally Issa refrains from interceding saying: 'You should go to Muhammad(Peace be on Him) a servant whose former and latter sins have been forgiven." He, (the narrator) said: the Messenger of Allah observed: "So they would come to me and I would ask the permission of my Lord and it would be granted to me, and when I would see Him, I would fall down in prostration, and He (Allah) would leave me thus as long as He would wish, and then it would be said: 'O Muhammad, raise your head, say and you would be heard; ask and it would be granted; intercede and intercession would be accepted. . ." Muslim Vol. I p. 125.

10- Abu Sa'eed al-Khudri reported: Verily the Messenger of Allah said: "Allah will admit into paradise those deserving of paradise, and He will admit whom He wishes, out of His mercy, and He will admit those condemned to Hell, into the Fire. He would then say: 'See, he whom you find having as much faith in his heart as a grain of mustard, bring him out.' They will then be brought out, burned and turned into charcoal and would be cast into the river of life, and they would sprout as does a seed in the silt carried away by a flood. . .' Muslim Vol.I p. 119.

49. Allah sent Muhammad(Peace be on Him) to all peoples(11), Arabs and non-Arabs alike, and the message he brought will be in force until the final Hour. He is Allah's Apostle to mankind as well as to jinn(12).

11- Say: "(0 Muhammad) O Men! I am sent unto you all as the Apostle of Allah." 7.158

12- It is a fact that the Prophet Muhammad(Peace be on Him) was sent not only to mankind but to the jinn as well. In confirmation of this Allah says: "And (remember) when We turned towards you (O Muhammad) some of the jinn listening to the Qur'an; when they attended its recitation they said 'listen in silence'. And when it was finished they returned to their people to warn them: 'O our people respond with obedience to Allah's caller (i.e., Allah's apostle Muhammad(Peace be on Him) and believe in him (in his message.' [Allah] will forgive sins of yours and will save you from a painful torment." 46.29/30. There is a whole Surah entitled, 'AI-Jinn' No. 72 which confirms the fact that Muhammad(Peace be on Him) is sent for both men and jinn.

50. The veracity and straightforwardness of Muhammad(Peace be on Him) were manifested by the amazing miracles he performed. Allah revealed to him the miraculous Qur'an, and He transported him to Jerusalem in one night(13). The believers bear witness too that in that night, he was taken to heaven where he saw angels and Apostles and spoke to them(14). Allah the Exalted spoke to him, honoured him and made obligatory on him and on his Ummah (nation) prayer five times a day(15).

13- "Praise be to Him who took His slave (Muhammad(Peace be on Him)) for a journey by night from the Sacred Mosque (in Jerusalem) the surroundings whereof We have blessed, that We might show him of Our signs. Verily He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer." 17.1

14- The authentic ahadeeth indicate, implicitly as well as explicitly, that the Prophet(Peace be on Him) saw the angels. I refer in particular to the one recorded by Bukhari Vol.I. The Prophet(Peace be on Him) was reported to have said: "Then he(Jibril) took my hand, and ascended with me to the nearest heaven. Jibril said to the gatekeeper of the Heaven: 'Open(the gate).' The gatekeeper asked: 'Who is it?' Jibril answered: 'Jibril.' He asked: 'Is there anyone with you?' Jibril replied: 'Yes, Muhammad(Peace be on Him) is with me.' He asked, 'Has he been called?' Jibril said: 'Yes!' So the gate was opened. . . " In the same hadeeth mentioned above, the Prophet(Peace be on Him) mentioned that he passed by some Apostles such as Adam, Ibraheem, Edrees, Musa and others and he exchanged greetings with them. They welcomed him saying: 'Welcome O pious Prophet. .. '"

15- The Prophet(Peace be on Him) described how salaah was enjoined (according to the narration of Anas bin Malik) saying: "Then Jibril ascended with me to a place where I heard the creaking of the pens. . . Then Allah enjoined fifty prayers a day on the Muslims. Musa said: Go back to your Lord (and appeal for a reduction), for your followers will not be able to bear it. So, I went back to Allah and requested a reduction, and He reduced it to half. . ." The Prophet(Peace be on Him) went back and forth between Musa and Allah asking for further reductions until Allah reduced the prayer to five times a day saying: "These are five prayers and they are all (equal to) fifty (in reward) for My word does not change. . ." Bukhari Vol.I.

51. Of the miracles performed by the Prophet(Peace be on Him) were: The springing of water from between his fingers(16), feeding hundreds of people from food that normally would not suffice a few tens of people(17), the sound of grief made by the trunk of a tree in his presence(18), the praising of Allah by pebbles and food in his hands(19), and the communication of a complaint made to him by a camel(20).

16- Anas bin Malik narrated: "I saw Allah's Apostle(Peace be on Him) when the Asr prayer was due, and the people searched for water to perform ablution, but they could not find it. Later on a pot containing water, enough for one ablution, was brought to Allah s Apostle(Peace be on Him). He put his hand in that pot and ordered the people to perform ablution from it. I saw the water springing out from between his fingers untill all of the people performed the ablution." Bukhari Vol.I., p 118.

17- Jabir bin Abdullah narrated: "When the trench was dug (in preparation for the battle against the mushrikeen) I saw the Prophet(Peace be on Him) in a state of extreme hunger. So I returned to my wife and said: Have you got anything to eat She brought one Saa' of barley, and we had an animal which I slaughtered while my wife ground the barley. She finished at the time I finished butchering the animal. I cut the meat and put it in a pot to cook. Jabir then asked the Prophet(Peace be on Him) to come with only a few of his companions for a meal because what was there would barely suffice a small number of people. The Prophet(Peace be on Him) started distributing the bread and meat till they all ate their fill, and even then some food remained. Then he said to Jabir's wife, 'Eat and present to others as the people are struck with hunger.'" Bukhari Vol. V. p.296.

18- Jabir bin Abdullah narrated: "The Prophet(Peace be on Him) used to stand by the trunk of a date-palm tree (while delivery his khutbah.) When the pulpit s set up for him (and he mounted it to deliver the khutbah) we heard that tree trunk crying like a pregnant she-camel till the Prophet(Peace be on Him) got down from the pulpit and placed his hand over it." Bukhari Vol.II. p. 19.

19- "During a visit paid to the Prophet(Peace be on Him) by the first three Khulafa, Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman, the Prophet(Peace be on Him) picked up seven or nine pebbles and put them in his hand. Thereupon they made tas-beeh (praising Allah) in audible sounds like that of the bees. . ." Al-Bazzar.

20- Ya'Li reported that he had witnessed amazing incidents when he was in the company of the Apostle of Allah. Of those incidents, he reported that a camel came to him. He saw tears in its eyes, whereupon he called for its owners and told them: "The camel is complaining that you will keep drawing water with it until it becomes old and then you will slaughter it. Do not kill it, let it be with the company of the camels." Ahmad 4-173

52. Allah made Muhammad(Peace be on Him) excel the other Apostles, giving him jawami-al-Kalim(21), and victory by filling the hearts of his enemies with terror, making the earth a place for prayer and a means of purification for him and his followers, making spoils of war lawful for him, sending him as a Messenger to all mankind(22) and making him the last of the Prophets. And we bear witness that the Howd(23) in Jannah is a reality; we ask Allah to give us to drink from it.

21- Abu Hurairah reported the Prophet(Peace be on Him) as saying: "I have been sent with jawami al-kalim" (conciseness of speech; having many meanings comprised in a few words) Muslim, Vol.l p.265.

22- Jabir bin Abdullah narrated: The Prophet(Peace be on Him) said: "I have been given five things which were not given to any of the Prophets; Allah made me victorious by means of terror (filling the hearts of my enemies) at a distance of one month's journey. The earth has been made for me a place for praying and a means of purification (tayammum or dry ablution); therefore my followers can pray whenever the time of prayer is due. The spoils of war have been made lawful for me; it was never made so for anyone else. Every prophet was sent particularly to his own people, whereas I was sent to all mankind and the line of prophets is closed with me." Bukhari & Muslim.

23- There are numerous authentic traditions concerning al-Howd or the pool of the Apostle, which is referred to in the Qur'an in Surah 108 entitled 'Al-Kawthar'(which is the name of al-Howd). Abdullah bin Amr narrated: the Prophet(Peace be on Him) said: "My Howd is so large that it takes a month's journey to cross it. Its water is whiter than milk, and its scent is nicer than musk, and its drinking cups are (as numerous) as the stars of the sky; and whoever drinks from it, will never be thirsty." Bukhari, Vol.VIII, p.380. Only the believers shall drink thereof, and will never be thirsty thereafter.

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