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Tele-link with al'Allamah Shaikh Abdul Muhsin al-'Abbaad (part 2): His Naseehah to the Muslims and answers to other relevant questions.
Author: Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al-'Abbaad (questions from Abdul-Monem Burkhes, QSS Chairman

Source: Tele-link held by QSS: Rajab, 27th 1423 A.H. (10/04/2002) Back to: Page 1
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The tele-link with Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad Continues with a Naseeha to the Muslims of North America, followed by two addtional relevant questions:

al-'Allamah Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al'Abbaad's Naseeha to the Muslims

All Praise be to the Rabb of the Worlds, and may Allah's Salutation, Peace & Blessings be upon His slave, messenger Muhammad and upon all his family and companions .

wa Ba'd (to proceed), I surely counsel the brothers living in America and everywhere, to fear Allah, Azza wa Jal (al-Mighty and Splendid). And to strive hard to draw nearer to him, Subhanahu wa ta'aalla (Glorified & High), and to seek knowledge in the deen and to know the legislative rulings and act upon them. That they become firmly established or strive in all of their actions, so that every action initiated by them is based upon sincerity to Allah, Azza wa Jal...and following the Messenger. That is because these two fundamental conditions are the basis in accepting every action [every action that we do] by Allah, Subhanahu wa ta'aala (Glorified & High)...that the action be sincere for Allah & for it to be congruent with the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah .

Then I counsel all the brothers that the duty that should busy them the most is understanding the deen and diligence in knowing the legislative rulings. And to be diligent in buying the useful & beneficial books. Like the books of the Earlier Predecessors, and those who are upon their way from the later ones. And that they should also be diligent in listening to the useful tapes that are issued from the Major Scholars of the Shaikh Abdul-Azeez bin Baz (Rahmatullahi alayh), and Shaikh Muhammad ibn Uthaymeen (rahimahullah), and Shaikh the Muftee Abdul Azeez bin Abdullah Aal-AsShaikh, (hafidthahullah), and Shaikh Saalih al-Fawzaan, the member of the Permanent Committee of Iftah, (hafidthahullah), and other than them from the Mashayakh...who have tremendous efforts in calling, directing and guiding to the good...and showing the people and guiding them to the straight path.

And That they should not busy themselves by the numerous qeel wa qaal (it was said & he said), and fulan (so & so) said kadtha (such & such), and so & so, said such & such...and it should be heard from so & so, and you shouldn't listen to so & so. Ya'ani, the person should be on a correct methodology and upon a correct way...without being attached to personalities, supporting them and taking as enemies the one who does not support them. Rather his affair should be that he is diligent to understand the deen of Allah, Azza wa Jal. And that he should not busy himself by listening to this & this...and this fulan, said such & such...and this so & so, said such & such....and what is like it. Rather one busies himself by reading the useful beneficial books and also listening to the likes of the persons that I mentioned, the ones who have greatly praised efforts in calling to Allah, Azza wa Jal, and directing towards the good and clarifying the correct and sound creed.

And I ask Allah, Azza wa Jal, to guide all to what pleases him....wa Salla-Allahu wa Sallama wa Baraka ala Abdihi wa Rasoolihi Nabiyyeena Muhammad wa Ala Aalihi wa As'haabihi Ajma'een.

Questions then continued from Abdul-Monem to Our Shaikh:

Abdul-Monem: May Allah Reward you with Good...yaa Shaikhana. Taiyyaba Allahu Faak (May Allahmake your mouth aromatic) and make paradise your abode. May Allah Bless you yaa Shaikhana. If you permit, indeed what has already been stated is enough, but one last question.... Because a new thing happened just yesterday or the day before. A horrible warning and a very foul speech (was made) against the Noble Shaikh Abdul-Malik Ramadhaani (hafidthahullah). Since I didn't mention him by his name...

Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin: What?

Abdul-Monem: ...I say a warning and an attack on the Noble Shaikh Abdul-Malik Ramadhaani Al-Jazaa'iri was spread on the internet.

Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin: From Whom?

Abdul-Monem: From evil people...ya'ani...they talk against him and that he's mumayye' (loose or watering down Salafiyyah) and that he is a person who supports, ya'ani...keeps quiet from (criticizing) the innovators. That he is (like this)...and he is (like that) on a website whose name is "Anasalafi", an internet website whose name is "Ana Salafi". Regretfully, the evil people have translated all of that (what was said about him) into English, directly to the non-Arabs. So What is you statement regarding this Shaikh? Although I know that the answer has preceded insha-Allah, but I wanted to mention this Noble Shaikh in specific. Tafaddal yaa Shaikhana.

Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin: I said...I said, That there's no need to busy oneself with personalities, and attachment to personalities & talking about personalities. It should not be listened to everything that's spread and and to everything that is being said. That's Because surely people, as it is known, no one is safe from one is safe from them except whom Allah Wills. One should busy himself as I said with knowledge and becoming educated in the deen, and not turning to the likes of these (issues) that are said about personalities: he said, it was said about so & so...such & such...and it was said against so & so. So al-Insan (the person) diverts his eyesight away from these (issues) and doesn't turn to it.

Abdul-Monem: May Allah reward you yaa Shaikhana. Is your position lately from Shaikh Abul-Hassan al-Ma' there anything new as regards to this matter, from the aspect of your position, insha-Allah?

Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin: By Allah, I...what I say, is that the Mashayakh and the Brothers and those who attribute themselves to the Sunnah, they should...ya'ani...advise one another and that they should have affection with one another and there shouldn't be any dissention [amongst them]. And that for every person...ya' whom there is goodness and in whom there is a lot of benefit, if a deficiency happens from him or if a mistake happens from him...that he should be advised and...ya'ani...should be asked to retract that thing which he said if it was a matter that is clear & manifest. The brothers who are upon a correct methodology and a correct wayya'ani...they should be diligent to have between themselves al-Islaah (mending and reforming the situation), taqaarub (closeness), and ta'aaluf (affection). They should not have between them al-Munaabadtha (abandonment), wal-Mutaarakah (leaving one another), wal-Hajr (boycotting)and what is like that of the affairs that happen betweenya'anifrom some of the Shabaab (the youth) towards one another. This is what should be. So I see that everyone whether Shaikh Abul-Hassan or other than him, ya'anifrom those who belong to the Sunnah, ya'anithere should be ta'aaluf between them. And that the personif a mistake was committed by him, then it should be pointed out to him and he should be asked to retract. Not that there is to be diligence to bring him down (Isqaatihi) and to abandon him and boycott him and warn against him. And if it were that everyone who made a mistake should be cast away because of his mistake, then there would be amongst the preceding Scholars, those whom we could not do without there knowledge, and those who had great efforts and the people benefit from their knowledge, they have mistakes but (they are) mistakes that are immersed when compared to the truth and to the right that they have. And forgiveness should be asked for those who passed away from them, and whoever was alive and present from those who have mistakes, then he should be advised with gentleness (rifq) and with leniency (leen), and the truth is the lost property of the believer.

Abdul-Monem: Na'am. May Allah reward you with good yaa Shaikhana. May Allah Honor you and bless you. We ask Allah to elongate your life upon his obedience. May Allah honor you. (Ameen)

As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

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